Entry #16

Power of Three + Other News...

2009-05-19 06:37:48 by FidioProductions

Hey guys,
What's up? Todd here, giving you news from my world :D

Power of Three
I'm in a team with TacoButtFish. We've sent off our application to Mr. Fulp and, hopefully, will be making a kick ass game for y'all.

Still not done. Because i'm redoing it all.

Living the Life
Not heard from this guy for a while...

Behind the WaterCooler
Mike is working on episode two... in the meantime check out the two video's on making the show we have done.

/* */

/* */
Enjoy them! :D

Is a small one-off animation I'm doing with a buddy of mine. It's coming along good but slowly. Meanwhile check out a 6 second teaser I made for it.

/* */
Anyway, that's me done!!
Todd out!


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2009-05-22 10:44:49

best of luck with the power of 3 business! I know you guys will kick ass. If you need any help with any voice acting in the game let me know.

FidioProductions responds:

I don't know if your allowed to have another person, even as a voice actor.
Also I don't know why Mike didn't use you as a voice actor in WaterCooler XD


2009-05-23 13:19:29

its cause I'm American lol.


2015-04-25 13:54:49