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Hey guys,
What's up? Todd here, giving you news from my world :D

Power of Three
I'm in a team with TacoButtFish. We've sent off our application to Mr. Fulp and, hopefully, will be making a kick ass game for y'all.

Still not done. Because i'm redoing it all.

Living the Life
Not heard from this guy for a while...

Behind the WaterCooler
Mike is working on episode two... in the meantime check out the two video's on making the show we have done.

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Enjoy them! :D

Is a small one-off animation I'm doing with a buddy of mine. It's coming along good but slowly. Meanwhile check out a 6 second teaser I made for it.

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Anyway, that's me done!!
Todd out!


2009-04-01 15:57:20 by FidioProductions

Meh, this april fools was funny for around 5 minutes... shit now ¬_¬

Zanta Claws Deux!

2008-12-22 07:32:44 by FidioProductions

Watch it now!!!! Even if you already have lolol!!!!

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Better Quality AND remember to HIGH 5 this flash (just vote pl0x)!

It's CJ!

2008-11-22 10:05:22 by FidioProductions

CJ! Based on my good friend, erm... CJ!
He's gonna be a character in my new flash.

Answer: Don't worry i'm getting a tablet for christmas =) this was drawn with a mouse.

It's CJ!

Happy Hallowe'en!

2008-10-31 13:10:41 by FidioProductions

Happy Hallowe'en Newgrounds!! Hope you guys get loads of sweets tonight. YUMMY!!!

My Picture is a random picture I took out of my pictures, lol.

Happy Hallowe'en!

Well it's time to be getting down with this shit! (I don't know..)
So i'm putting Ads in my flashes.
If you guys could view my flashes and click the ads please!

Also, heres a cover I did for Official Nintendo Magazine's competition and I didn't come top 5 :(

By god.. it's full of ads!!

Two years and a month odd. Wow, I was 10 when I joined!

Sooo... Who wants chocolates!

Madness Day Flash!

2008-09-06 10:59:35 by FidioProductions

I'm attempting to make a Madness Day flash. It's a sequel (or mabye more like a redux) of 100% Madness but loads of new stuff including:

- Backgrounds
- Better Graphics
- Storyline

The story goes that the main characters (the guy who kills everyone and the sword guy in the last one) are contract killers and sent to kill the blue creature type thing (that thing with a horn).

Look forward to it,

Yeah, I'm lazy, sooo... anyone wanna write me a series and then I'll animate it.

All Star Showdown is a new game from Fidio. It was inspired by Brawl. I'll release a trailer this week revealing about 5 characters.